Five years ago, in 2012, the renowned fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, branched into the world of interior decor  with their collection of meticulously crafted travel items, the Objets Nomades home-ware collection. In 1854 they started out creating traveling trunks and in the spirit of their origins they release limited-edition travel home-ware. Yes you read that right…travel home-ware, a collection of fold-able furniture and accessories. The brand implements a very laissez faire approach with the home-ware designers they select to create the collections, which I absolutely love. They give them full liberty to create what they want and only supply them with leather samples to “play”with and the theme of the spirit of travel.

As a designer I can assure you that when you are trusted to be creative without constant supervision and judgement that’s when masterpieces are created. Want proof? Well, here’s 5 of the 10 items Louis Vuitton showcased at the 2017 Milan Design week, two weeks ago, that resulted from this free spirited collaboration with the roster of international designers. As you will note, true to their brand, each Objet embodies the same ideals: a love of the beauty of fine materials, the possibility of forms and carefully balanced proportions, complex and meticulous craftsmanship, and close attention to detail.

Have a look for yourself:



This dining chair by the Swiss based company, Atelier Oï, is definitely my favourite piece and its easy to see why. Made of a rigorous steel-frame that has its back and seat ‘upholstered’ with eight leather belts….the perfect homage to the original Louis Vuitton trunk. If this doesn’t scream fashion meeting decor I don’t know what does.


As the name suggests the sofa was inspired by a vintage folding canvas boat that the team discovered at a flea market and used on their local lake. Its undoubtedly beautifully executed, as is the case for all things Louis Vuitton, and folds up, fan-like, into a nifty portable item. I can picture being at the countryside on a sunny day, finding a prefect tree, hanging the sofa off its branches and lazying the day away swinging and napping. Pure perfection!

TWIST LAMP by Atelier Oï

Their third piece for the brand is an interactive lamp. This breathtaking piece is not only functional but quite fun. By sliding the metal ring, threaded with leather strips, allows you to play with light and shadow in the room.This is a brilliant way of creating different moods in a space, turning your room into a work of art in itself.

MY SHELF by Raw Edges

London design duo created the origami shelf that completes the Concertina collapsible collection they had previously created for the brand that included a chair, table and lampshade. Working with the fold-able theme, the shelf, which is so beautiful I doubt I’d store books on it if I owned it, folds flat for easy transportation.


I love multi-functional pieces. Perfect example of this is this table by colourist whose top doubles as a tray with the blue leather base closing like a book during travel. Inspired by oriental side tables and good luck charms the Paris-based Irano-Egyptian designed it to “embrace the idea of luck and protection, a sort of antidote to the evil eye.”

So there you have it, my top five picks from Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades 2017 Milan design week collection. What do you think of the marvelous results that came about from Louis Vuitton’s trust for the designers? What’s  your favourite piece? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on any of my social media platforms. As usual I wont fail to remind you to SUBSCRIBE BELOW, if you haven’t, to ensure that you don’t miss out on inspired designs like these one.

Till next time be inspired……be you!


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