Its February…….FEBRUARY!! Do you know what this means? We are not only a whole month into 2016 but we’ve already forgotten all our new years resolutions and now are anticipating the highs/lows that come with this month of LOVE.

I therefore thought that there would be no better way to kick-start it than by sharing one of the designs by my favourite designers, Eva Sonaike.

With that welcome to the second AFRICAN DESIGN DIARY (#ADD) post.

Eva Sonaike is a London-based lifestyle company headed by Nigerian designer Eva. I’m obsessed with her because she infuses elements of both European and African cultures into her work. Although she is mostly known for using  African prints especially in her cushions. Today I shall be highlighting two of her rug designs that are a true testament of her multicultural design style.


Our yellow OJO rug is skilfully hand-woven from 100% New Zealand wool and its artwork represents memories from Eva’s childhood as she sat watching the sky through the geometric patterns of the open verandas in Lagos. 


I love the story behind this piece. Memories of her childhood! Its definitely an art piece because its not only inspired by more than just cliche African styles (e.g. African fabric) but it is truly attractive. Eva is more than a designer, she is an artist the likes of Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, an artist who creates functional decor pieces. Dare to prove me wrong? When it comes to styling the piece I love the idea of having it surrounded by dark colours, especially the glossy black fireplace, because it allows the rug to shine like a full moon in a pitch dark sky.


Our grey OSUPA rug  (⌀ 100cm) is skilfully hand-woven from 100% New Zealand wool and its artwork represents the moon and the universe reimagined in the form of a traditional Yoruba knot design.


Circular rugs can definitely be a challenge to style in a room but when used more as a floor art piece than a functional piece it always works best. Again her source of inspiration is perfect. the idea of a print that brings out science and African tradition is pure genius. Visually I love the grey as it is neutral enough to work in any space whereas the slight pop of yellow and red give it that pizzazz that ensures you’ll notice it.

 I’ve had a really hard time choosing which one I prefer, but if you had to put a gun to my head I’d have to pick the yellow ojo rug. Mostly because it adds more of an elegant pop of colour to a space.

What about you guys?

What do you think of them and which one is your favourite?

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Till next time BE INSPIRED….BE YOU!!!!


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