It’s 9:15am on the 3rd of January 2017 and the bus we’re in just started off on the 2 hours 35 minute journey to from Naples and Rome. (If you missed out on my interior adventured in Rome be sure to check out my last post EUROTRIP: ROME RESTAURANTS THAT STOLE MY HEART). We opted for the bus rather than the train because of costs (that’s money that we can dedicate to our stomachs) and the fact that the bus takes a more scenic route. Unfortunately the scenic view theory has failed miserably on my part as two hours and thirty five minutes later I’ve just been woken up as we’ve arrived. So as the genius I seem to be, I dozed off a minute into the journey and didn’t see one single thing! It’s okay though because were going back to Rome via the same bus route so I still have one last chance.

The weather is still as bad here as Rome but I actually don’t mind because all I can think about is the hotel we’ll be staying in. After seeing some images online I adamantly insisted that we stay there. If it’s truly as cool as it looks I will have a hard time leaving it. It does count as visiting Naples if I stay indoors and just google the sights? We can just call it virtual travelling, the 21 century version of sight seeing.

Have a look at what I mean and I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t be considering the same thing if you were in my shoes.



As we walk in from the street this is actually the first sight of the hotel that we encounter. Not a huge hotel sign, nor an imposing building, just a breathtaking Romanesque style courtyard. If it wasn’t so cold (don’t let the sun in the images fool you it was freezing) I would have loved to sit on those funky orange chairs with a cup of tea and good book and let the hours go by, only looking up to occasionally to take in the Roman sculptures and the trees and plants around me. I now have one more item added to my bucket list, I Jordan Awori shall be back here one summer and I wont leave until I finish three large books with the smallest fonts I can find.

May thus courtyard be a lesson on all of you on the importance of having a breathtaking front garden and entry way in your home. You need to start creating that wow effect from the get go. The mistake most make is that they invest a lot of their time and effort in styling their interior and forget completely about their entryway. First impressions are lasting impressions and the first impression begins at the door.


This place is already giving me so much life because I’ve completely forgotten all about the cold. As I walk around the courtyard taking everything in it takes a lot of effort from the rest of the group to drag me into the reception for check-in. The minute I see the reception I love how simple it is. Unlike the more intricate courtyard the reception simply has a glossy red and a large cutout of their mascot. Moving from a more intricate space to a simpler one is a genius idea as it doesn’t saturate your mind with too much. Take this into consideration when you’re doing up various spaces that are connected. It’s like a woman dressing up, it makes more sense to have simple earrings if you’ll have an intricate necklace and vice versa. It’s all about visual balance.

I also like how the courtyard is more traditional and true to the architecture of the town whereas the reception is quite modern and fresh. With both themes having a pop of colour, orange in the courtyard and red in here, is it a clear indication that colour will definitely be a common theme within the hotel.


As the receptionist is finalizing on our check-in I’ve decided to start my tour. I’ve just spotted these yummy apple green walls at the corner of my eye and I’m glad to discover the funkiest, yet chilled out, area that triples up as an internet station, sitting and bar area. I’m now 100% sure that colour plays a crucial role at the Bellini.

I’ve always loved the fresh combination of apple green and cherry red. First time I ever saw it was in the South African music group Freshly ground’s video POT BELLY  but I’ve never actually done a scheme with this two colours. I’m so inspired right, so if you’d love a colour scheme like this one please get in touch with me because I have so many suppressed ideas.

I’m starting to notice another theme, Quirky drawings, from the reception mascot to the “shine” illustrations on the wall behind the bulbs. You know me and my love for quirky touches, I think every space needs a bit of it, so I’m hoping to see more of it here.

“Jordan, for heaven’s sake, where are you? You are aware we’re going to be staying here for three days. You’ll have all the time in the world to explore!”

Oops…well evidently I’m starting to get on my friend’s nerves so I run back to the reception. I guess I’ll have to explore at my own time.


Let the record show that I am never leaving. Be sure to watch the news in a couple of days because they’ll be reporting how a Kenyan lady has chained herself to a hotel in Naples and has refused to leave citing the brilliant decor as her reason.

First thing I’ve noticed is that the bedroom has kept true to the style of the other spaces I’ve encountered so far. There is a pop of colour, a similar glossy cherry red as the reception desk, and there is an element of a quirky drawing that acts as a frame for the mirror. To let the pop of colour stand out and create a stylish relaxed room the rest of the space is kept quiet simple with white and taupe as the main colour and the ghost chairs and side table that add that perfect modern glamour.

When I look out of my window I notice that the pop of colour theme seems to extend to the view. Okay, maybe it wont be so hard to leave the hotel after all because the city seems to be calling out to me. I haven’t even bothered to unpacking and I’m out of the room dragging everyone out of theirs. We need to do some exploring! Oh, how the table’s have turned, the ‘dragee’ has become the ‘dragger’!

We spend the whole afternoon and most of the night sight seeing and enjoying this lively town. At midnight we get back and I’m too cold and exhausted to even consider viewing more of the hotel. After a relaxing shower and a cup of tea in bed I fall asleep immediately my head hits the pillow and I only wake up because the phone is ringing.

“Morning Jordan, this is your 6 o’clock wake up call”

I know it seems ridiculous for me to even consider waking up this early after 12 hours of walking around but this seems the best time for me to walk around the hotel taking in every corner without awkwardly bumping into the other guests. With this cold I’m sure any normal person is still in bed all snuggled up and warm. Yes, I’m quite aware that my love for interiors leads me to make very abnormal decisions.


You remember how the courtyard and the reception had a different styles, the former being more traditional and the latter modern. Well, this contrast was carried over to the staircases. On the top floors where the rooms are, the stairs are modern with wooden steps whereas the mezzanine floor where there’s the conference room floors they are definitely more traditional from the railing to the tiles on the landing. I love the more traditional look but I definitely appreciate the fact that it isn’t the style of all the stairs as it’s a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this change in design.


Speaking of the conference room I had a little sneak peak in there and again I was pleasantly surprised. Most conference spaces are very boring and plain. I’ve never understood why but I could guess that it’s to allow for different people with different tastes to comfortably sit in it for hours. If that is their reasoning then it’s a ridiculous one, and every hotel with a conference room should learn from the Bellini and infuse some character into them. Again this space has pops of colour with the deep red chairs and deep green table cloth. I also notice that this is the first time I’m seeing artwork on canvas and not on the walls. It’s a good idea not to overdo a theme and this is a good break from it. There’s absolutely no way you’ll get bored sitting in this room for hours during even the most boring of talks.

As I’m walking out I’ve just noticed the runner on the floor and how unlike the rest of the modern styled space with its subtle traditional look. Again modern perfectly meets traditional.

My room is right after the lifts and I don’t really get to experience the hallways so let me go back up and check them out. I strongly believe that you can tell a great deal about a hotel but how much effort that they put into them as most usually concentrate on the reception area and rooms and forget this crucial space.


Okay, so the first thing I love is that the corridors are all styled differently. Nothing irritates me like those hotels that just copy paste the same hallway template for each floor.

It’s quite clear that the hallways are where they let loose the most with the quirky style. The pop of colour theme is evident here but not as much as the quirky drawing on the wall. Art never looked this good. My favorite is definitely the drawings of a room around an actual chair.

I’d love to know whether you would do this in your home or do you think its too quirky for you? For all of you with kids, you can now let them go wild on your walls and use it as art.

I just looked at the time and its 8:30 am already. Yes, I have been walking around in my PJ’s for one and a half hours like a ghost out on her daily haunting escapades. I’m going to be late meeting everyone for breakfast, something I promised them wouldn’t happen when they found out I’ll be waking up to go exploring. Let me quickly run to my room and get ready.

But wait up…what is this I see?


I’ve just stumbled upon this sitting area on the landing of the floor below mine. It looks very inviting and the perfect spot to relax and read a book. The only thing I would add would be a rug as it feels somewhat unfinished.

Speaking of books, at the corner of the room there is this reading nook with a lovely pop of colour.  It looks perfect but I do wish it had a side table so you could snuggle up with a good book and cup of tea. (if you haven’t realized by now tea = comfort for me)

So my phone just started ringing and guess who it is? The rest of the group calling me because I’m 10 minutes late. Yes, I Jordan Awori got distracted by all the books and spend 45 minutes reading a couple of pages of each of the ones that were in English. Reason no.100 why I need to chain myself at the Bellini and never leave.

I guess I’ll have to go for breakfast in my PJ’s and sneak out earlier to get ready before we leave for today’s activities. Trust me when I tell you I’m never late, ever! This should be evidence to yáll how amazing this place is.


As earlier agreed I’m never leaving Hotel Piazza Bellini…ever! Just have a look at what I’ve just walked into. This is the funkiest, coolest, most inspired breakfast room I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Take a look for yourselves:

Can you see the continuation of the two main themes. The pop of colour (using the same red chairs as the conference room) and the wall drawings. Not only is there a large art wall drawing framed in a beautiful wooden frame but there’s also the blackboard paint wall that allows the guests to create a their own masterpieces. All the tables actually have a bowl with some chalk in them so you can bring out your inner Van Gogh. Its perfect also a perfect way to distract the kids.

As hard as it has been, with the interior distracting me, I have managed to finish my breakfast quickly and get ready before everyone is done and ready to leave. As we walk out of the hotel and onto our day’s adventures I can’t help but think of all the breathtaking things I’ve managed to see and they were just from the comfort of my hotel room. HOTEL PIAZZA BELLINI is definitely on my top 3 funkiest spaces.

Do you agree with me? Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it. Would you love to stay here or is it too playful for you?

We’ll spend the rest couple of days doing what we do best, taking in every single part of this city. Look out for my next post EUROTRIP: NAPLES INTERIORS THAT GAVE ME LIFE (PART 2) where I’ll show you another gem I’m planning to go to for lunch today.

Till next time Be Inspired…Be You!


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