Someone please get me to Chicago. NOW!!! (I have a feeling demanding wont work. Lets see, what else can work? Oh yes, there’s begging….)


Hi guys. How are you doing today? Has anyone told you how beautiful/handsome/charming/caring you are? Well you are! Now I was wondering if you could be so kind as to please get me to Chicago. Please…..pretty please…pretty please with sugar on top.

Why you ask, do I need to desperately go to to the windy city. Well, THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO has replicated the famous bedroom featured in Van Gogh’s paintings. For around Ksh 10,000, members of the public, hopefully including myself, can reserve a night’s stay via the home-sharing website Airbnb.

Do you guys understand how amazing this is. An art piece has been turned into an actual physical space. And not just any art piece, its Van Gogh’s painting. And not just any painting its one of a room he actually rented and stayed in. So by extension if I stayed in the room I would be spending the night in the same room as the artist himself.

Hicks, one of the art institutes officials stated that “(the bedroom) is a creative way to take this storytelling about Van Gogh’s human side and then extend that story into a real-life setting.” To accomplish this they hired a team that spent four weeks to transform the bedroom to look exactly as Van Gogh’s piece. There is one exception, however. Van Gogh painted a twin-size bed. The real-life replica contains a full-size bed that can comfortably fit two people. The more the merrier, I guess!

So kudos to The Art Institute of Chicago for not only paying such a unique and inspiring homage to a well deserving artist, but for also bring two of my favourite worlds together. That of the arts and of interiors. Would you stay here if you had a chance? I’d love to know your opinion so do leave a comment below and if you haven’t yet, why not SUBSCRIBE below and never miss a post.

Till next time BE INSPIRED….BE YOU!!!!


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Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

 Jordan Awori The Interior Decorator