Now that it’s been a week since valentines I can come out of hiding (can I get an amen from all my single people). But seriously, I did have a wonderful valentines day and I hope you did too.

In the spirit of love I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the colour that is automatically associated with it…RED!

Now fret not, this is not one of those vague ‘how to use the colour red in your home’ post. I shall be showing you how to not only use red as an accent wall colour but how to do so by using three of my favourite and versatile shades of the colour from CROWN PAINT KENYA.

Are you REDy….Here we go:

So why these specific reds you ask? Well,

CARRIAGE RED (AC19 191A): It’s the perfect way to add a subtle red to any scheme because of the sense of maturity this earthy hue creates.

DRAMA RED (AC27 271A): This red leans more to the purple tones and thus creates a very subtle royal feel. All hail drama red!

SASHAY RED (AC26 262A): This sassy and bold red is perfect for those who are more adventurous. You want a wall that screams red then here you go.

Armed with these very different red paint colours I have created for you different mood boards for the lounge and bedroom. I have shown you how to style each room by using these colours as an accent wall paint.



Perfect way to create an urban man cave vibe with a touch of African va va voom. This colour allows you to add a pop without overdoing it.

This colour isn’t as dramatic as the name suggests but it does stand out. I believe the best way to work with this colour is to embrace it and let it shine. Complementing the colour I opted to use other bright pops. I embraced it and created a funky space.

To complement the shiny undertone in the colour I used silver and mirrored accessories. This relationship brightens up the space and adds some touches of glamour to the space.


I wanted to create funk! Obviously i associate this colour with a coll funky space. I styled the room to not only be a hub for sleep but to also be a space you can spend the whole day in. Like having a lounge as your bedroom.

My intention with this space was to subdue the colour and make it seem darker than it actually is. By doing this I created a space that engulfs you and soothes you into sleep immediately.

Sassy and fun. Classy and dramatic. That was my intention and I strongly believe I succeeded. To create this look its as simple as using pieces that are more classy. Think items you’d see in a divas New York penthouse.

What do you think? Is there a scheme that you’ve falling hopelessly in love with? I hope if anything, if you’ve ever been skeptical of using this strong colour in your home I have managed to show you how versatile it can be when you select the right hue/shade. I’d love to know what your thoughts on this are, so please leave a comment below and oh, before I forget, why not SUBSCRIBE to ensure you don’t miss out on any posts.

For the best way to see how to style one of these red paint colours to match your style, you would first need to identify your unique taste. To do this be sure to click on the link below to take my FREE style personality quiz. It’ll help you to realize where your preferences lie and what inspires you  Click here to take the quiz!

Till next time BE INSPIRED….BE YOU!!!!


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Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

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