It’s 1:00 pm on the 4th of January 2017 and as promised in my last post EUROTRIP: NAPLES INTERIORS THAT GAVE ME LIFE (PART 1) we’re going to discover an amazing restaurant together. 

I found out about it from HOTEL PIAZZA BELLINI, where we are staying here in Naples. They have this great partnership with them where all their guests get a 10% discount when you dine there. The combination of a discount and potentially good food and decor is enough to get me to walk from here to China if need be. Luckily I don’t have to go far at all as the restaurant is just next door to the hotel.

So let see if it’ll be a worthwhile experience.


Even before we walk in their outside sitting – which I wouldn’t sit at in this weather even if I was getting a 100% discount – looks quite good. It does look like the perfect spot to have lunch, during summer, as you study the going-ons on the street around you.

At first glance I can immediately tell that the restaurant has a Scandinavian monochromatic scheme with pops of green through the use of succulence.

Keeping all the walls this brilliant white colour, ensuring the space is well lit and using light furniture with a light wood colour actually works to make this small space seem bigger. If you don’t believe me then look at the space again and try and picture it with darker walls and bulky furniture. Doesn’t it look three times smaller than it does now? Let the record show that having all your walls in white doesn’t always work to make a space look larger. It depends on the type of space and the way you style it. Sometimes strategically having a darker wall can give you a more expansive feel. So be sure to always take into consideration the type of space you have before implementing design rules you read somewhere.

“Jordan, the waitress is here, you really do need to take a seat and decide what drink you’ll have”

“Really guys, I’ve had the same thing since I’ve been in Italy and y’all know that. A cup of herbal tea and a glass of white wine. I think y’all are just getting embarrassed at my nosiness and are trying to trick me into sitting. It isn’t going to work.”

Yes, you read that right I have been drinking hot tea and cold wine together every meal. I honestly won’t even try to explain it. It’s just been my ritual.

Anyhu, where was I before I was rudely interrupted? Oh yes, I was studying the plants in the room and how they’ve been used brilliantly to add green pops of colour. As I’m studying them closer I realize that there’s succulence coming out of the hanging lights.

Oh my….they are potted plant lights which are evidently custom made for them if the L’ETTO logo is anything to go by. This ladies and gentlemen is the coolest thing I’ve seen this whole year. Granted it is four days into the year but if this is how it’s starting out I can’t wait to see what other genius designs I shall encounter.

You must agree that this is hands down the best potted plant idea, EVER!

When it comes to the art I love how they have emulated the wall drawing ideas in our hotel, Piazza Bellini. Through this wall art and the bottles they have successfully brought in the black colour that perfectly contrasts the bright white walls.

I know I keep stating that green is the major pop of colour when there is a bright yellow canvas piece, but for some reason I feel that the green in the succulence has a greater impact. The yellow actually seems to be playing a supporting role allowing the green to shine as the main character.  

So the bottles of wine on display are a bit worrying. Could someone please explain what’s going on here. As branding goes I don’t think I am their target market because I’d be too scared that I won’t live long enough to finish the contents of the bottle.

I guess I should go and check on my drink and confirm if my wine is coming from this collection. I’m willing to be adventurous with design but not with what I put into my body. I know I don’t want to leave Naples but I’d rather stay alive if I do.

As I’m walking to our table I’ve just notice that there’s another room with the most brilliant black and white checkered floor.

Ah, its the buffet area! I guess it makes sense why I haven’t noticed any waiters serving food…I really need to be more attentive to more than just design.

I love how in this space the black and white theme is more prominent even if it’s just from the floor. Seeing that this isn’t a space one spends so much time in it’s evident they decided that they could go bold, and I agree with their decision to do so.

Seeing that I’m here, let me just get my food. So far I give L’ETTO 1 point for the discount…1 point for the decor…let’s see if the food is going to give them full points.

Its an hour later and we’re heading out to do what we do best, sight seeing. Just in case you were wondering, the food was really good so they did get full points from me. The food was soo good I’m noticing now that I forgot to confirm if I got the scary “skull killer wine”. If it was then I can vouch that not only does it not kill you (well, at least not immediately seeing that its only been an hour) but it is also really really good.

We’re leaving in a day and I don’t intent to burn myself just in case I miss the view from the bus ride back to Rome as I did coming here (see what happened in my last post). Thanks for taking this euro design trip with me. I’d like to know what your favourite part was? Were you inspired by the Rome interiors or the ones in Naples? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Till next time Be Inspired…Be You!


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