For those of you who enjoyed my last post, OFFICE STYLE: THE TOM DIXON WINGCHAIR, on my proposed office designs using the Tom Dixon wing chair for my current client I have something even more amazing for you. Yes, it is possible to beat my last post but if you learn just one thing today its that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that’s impossible and finding ways to style a space, any space, with a beautiful piece such as the TOM DIXON CHAIR is no exception. So for those of you who’ve written to me asking whether this chair can have as much impact in a home as it did in the office concepts I created, this post should work as a resounding yes. I will, as usual, go much further than confirming it and will show you a couple of design concepts that prove it.

Take a look for yourselves:


Comfort is of extreme importance when it comes to this valuable part of the home. I once had a client insist that she didn’t care if her dining chairs were comfortable or not and that all that mattered to her was how good they looked. That sounded as absurd to me as someone saying that they didn’t care what personality/intellect their spouse had as long as they were good looking. Seeing that this isn’t a relationship blog I won’t delve further into the latter and concentrate on the former, design, as it is my skill set. My client believed that as they only sit at the table for an hour at most but they look at them the whole day it makes more sense for their visual attribute to trump the practical.  I had to teach her one of the most important rules of design, FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION, which states that the design/shape of an item should be based on its function. In the case of my client, actually all of us, the function of your dining chairs, as any chair, is to be sat on and as such the comfort of said chairs are its main priority. Remember that as many people with various tastes shall sit on these chairs they may not all think they are attractive but they should all feel that it is comfortable. That doesn’t mean that you have to forgo attractiveness for comfort you can have them both but never state that the former is more important than the latter, NEVER!

Anyway, I digress the point of that ranting, other than to educate you, was to simply tell you that the TOM DIXON WING CHAIR is a perfect choice for a dining chair as it is not only comfortable, to have the shortest or longest meals, but it looks good as you do so. Here are two concepts I’ve come up with for you guys.



What I love most about the colour scheme on beach pebbles is that they are mostly grey with a few adding touches of earth tones (orange and browns) making what would have been a dull cool colour scheme warm and inviting. This together with their smooth visual and tactile texture is definitely what I wanted to evoke in this space.

Having most of the items, the chairs, table top and painting, in various shades of grey works to bring it out as the dominant colour in the space. Whereas the accent earthy tone colours are highlighted in a more subdued manner. I used the wood to bring out the brown colour because by doing so we pay homage more to the wood rather than the colour allowing the colour to not overpower the space. Whereas with the orange, being fully aware that it has the ability to be a dominant force even in a lighter tone, I choose to only have it in the painting. Speaking of the painting the choice of an abstract subject matter, that is quite fluid and smooth, was a conscience one because I wanted every element in the space to have that smooth beach pebble tactile feel.



Shades of grey and green are equally prominent in this view with the grey causing a dark intensity and the green softening and brightening it up. It really is a very calming ying-yang relationship. This contrasting relationship is also dominant with the textures as the clouds are visually soft and the field rough. With this  cohesive visual battle this is the room I would create:


When creating a balance with colours don’t be fooled that having the same amount of each colour is the way to go. Take the dining chairs for instance, this table would have 6 chairs in total, four grey and two green. but as you can tell the green is a stronger more dominant colour and as such having three of each would mean that it would overpower the grey. The trick I have used is to have only two of them in green and have them at a more dominant position, the head of the table, that way they stand out in placement but not in quantity whereas the grey stands out in quantity and this balances out the two colours. In regards to textures I have used a mix of booth smooth and rough with the smooth chairs and tables and a rough feel from the hanging light, table decor and also choosing certain prints on the plates.


This is hands down one of the most important spaces in a home because it’s the first space you encounter and hence dictates your first impression of the whole houses decor and in turn the tastes and preferences of the home’s inhabitants. So if one has space in their entryway having a chair is always a good style option as it not only creates a cozy alluring feeling but also works practically when you need to sit to remove your shoes and settle in. Below I have created two very different themes both inspired by nature. I’d love to know which one’s more your style.



Wikipedia describes tulips as “flowers that are usually large, showy and bright coloured” therefore an interior inspired by them would undoubtedly have to reflect this. Why purple and red, you may ask, well I love the combination because they are both dominant colours that ask, no DEMAND, attention and are in turn a perfect choice as can be seen in the bold interior they inspired.

The foundation of the space, the chair and the sideboard, are in the main colour scheme with bold accents of blue and yellow in the framed print. Let this be a learning moment for you all that just because you have a colour scheme that consists of two colours doesn’t mean that you have to stick with just those two colours, you should look at adding contrasting colours in a minimal dose to add some drama into the space. Especially when you are trying to achieve a dramatic look. When it comes to the furniture style that I selected to work with our main character, the Tom Dixon wing chair, I went for pieces that have a similar style, i.e. a classic style that has a modern look. With the bold colours creating some friction in the space it was pertinent for me to balance it out with a cohesive furniture style.



There’s nothing as breathtaking as a sunset over any landscape but nothing has a classy, crisp and breathtaking look as one over a field. The golden hues that glisten over the dark landscape revealing the green that will dominate it in full light. There is no way, in my professional opinion, to interpret this view than by creating a classy and regal space.

The colours I was working with are quite easy to pick from the landscape, the solid black highlighted by stunning gold and punctuated by a touch of green. Simple yet intricate in it’s own way. The black Tom Dixon wing chairs ground the space allowing the gold side table and mirrors to liven the space with a hint of green peeking out from the potted palm tree. As regal as this colour combination might be the space would definitely requires more than colour to complete it. With that said you will notice that I paid attention to using a mix of print to create depth, from the clover on the side table to the geometric shapes on the mirror and potted plant.


I would be playing with your intellect if I went about telling you the value a lounge/living area has in a home because as we all know, and as its name reveals it is the life of the home. No matter how big or small your home is it undoubtedly has a living area even if its just a studio apartment with a bedroom area, beacuse during the day when you ain’t sleeping it turns into the living area where you relax and host your friends and loved ones. With this said the Tom Dixon Wing chair would be perfectly placed in any lounge because if you look at your home as your kingdom, the living room is your castle and the Tom Dixon would be your throne. So here’s a look at how I would style two “castles” to allow these “thrones” to shine.



This large freshwater lake straddled at the border of California and Nevada in the USA is a spectacular sight mostly because of how elegant and chic the blue waters are. This particular view of the grey rocks bordering this cool calming blue was the perfect view to seek inspiration from as I could immediately envision a welcoming chic space that would be a tranquil space for one to shelter from the burdens of the big bad world.

Do you agree that the space is a welcoming, chic and relaxed cocoon? I think it has largely to do with the colour choice, the regal blue accents grounded by the comfortable, welcoming and stable grey. I decided to go with this royal blue instead of the predictable aqua blue that is usually inspired by water getting my specific tone from the deeper parts of the water. The dark, calm, soothing deeper parts with their royal blue was the perfect choice especially when paired with the grey as it perfectly brings out my intended mood. The water also inspired an important element in the space, a drop motif. I chose certain elements that had a drop or drop-like representation from the painting, to the tufts on the sofa, to the table tops. You should always remember that you don’t always have to be literal with motifs as it becomes boring and uninspired and thats why I choose to interpret something as simple as a seat tufts as a drop.



Mustard yellow and black might seem quite similar to gold and black but unlike the later combination the former is more homely and relaxed, the exact feel most of us want for our lounges. To prove this I will create a more masculine contemporary space, a style that most might expect to be cold and still, and use warm vibrant colour to give it some va-va-voom. Another significant aspect of this landscape are all the various angles created by the smooth curvy clouds and the sharp rough angles of the swaying corn. Take a look at how I was able to interpret these two elements into a lounge.

An earth tone colour scheme, black grey and brown, with a touch of mustard yellow on only two features allows the pop of colour to stand out but not overtly so that it over saturates the room. Oh, and before you say anything flowers can be used in a masculine space, no ifs buts or maybes. In regards to the angles that I mentioned I reflected them in my choice of furniture. The sofa and the tables work to bring out the sharper swaying corn angle whereas our Tom Dixon wing chair emulates the soft curves of the clouds. I also paid tribute to the intensity of the corn field’s rough texture with my artwork and rug choice. All in all balancing all these elements and carefully curating each one plays a big part in creating this and any cohesive and well styled space.

As usual I’d love to know what you think and which was your favourite, and worst, space. Leave a COMMENT BELOW to let me know. I hope you liked this post but most of all I hope you’ve learnt at least three very crucial things from it: that you should always take function as your first consideration when picking out any piece of furniture, second that nature is a perfect place to get inspiration when styling any space and lastly that the Tom Dixon wing chair works in any interior, office or home, and in any theme.

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