If you know me you know that I am addicted to JAVA HOUSE, and if you don’t know me, now you know! Seeing that I’m disclosing things about myself, I guess you should also know that I’m a stickler for good service and good food that not only fills my plate but also my stomach. Thus my love and addiction to the wonderful world that is JAVA.

Now let the record show that this is not a post sponsored by them (but if they feel like doing so, who am I to refuse) nor is it is a restaurant review. This is simply the first post in the RESTAURANT INSPIRATION series where I will be showing you how to emulate your favourite restaurant’s interiors into your home.


A couple of years back while I was writing the ‘AT HOME WITH’ segment for TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE, I had the pleasure of meeting an interior designer who worked for an international firm that had designed the interiors for one of the Java cafes, the Kenyan starbucks.

That’s when I surprisingly found out that the different branches of the coffee house chain, are actually designed by different firms who all have to meet a certain outlook….the earthy African and homely spaces that just scream ‘COME ON IN!’ With their signature colourful Kenyan artwork, brick red and cream walls grounded by wood and wrought iron, it would be easy to assume that all the cafes are similar. But if you pay close attention, you’ll realize that the various design firms use the same elements in different ways but still successfully achieve the same look.

For years Java only used artwork by Kenyan artist JIMNAH KIMANI but most recently their newer cafes have ventured into other Kenyan impressionist artists such as PATRICK MUGAMBI who all still have the same theme, the everyday life of a Kenyan.

A space done well not only sets a mood but creates a sense of comfort and relaxation to those experiencing it. It feels like home. Like you belong. I honestly believe that most of the Java cafes have successfully achieved this and I’ve always wanted to see how well this ‘homely feel’ would translate into a home. Here are a couple of concepts I have come up with that I believe successfully do so.


A lounge with a masculine feel that has undertones of an industrial style but is primarily homely and comfortable due to the warm colours and furniture style.


I was going for an African feel here but decided to give it a touch of industrial with the bedside table and lamp. To dilute the heavy wooden bed i opted not to have an art piece above it as is common. Instead I though I’d take the eye away from it by bordering it with interesting elements. The hanging lamp on the left and the painting on the right. Tadaa! Balance created by asymmetry!

A unisex space that inspires anyone in any field to be able to feel at zen and thus comfortably work on hours on end if necessary. That was my goal. The beauty of the java theme is that if you use it in any space you are able to successfully achieve this. What I feel was important was to ensure that it didn’t come off too African or industrial with raw wood and instead went with their sleek or smooth version. Emoting professionalism, comfortable professionalism!

What do you think? Is the Java house aesthetic a style you think can be translated well in a home or do you think it only works in cafes? I’d love to know what you think so please do leave a comment below.

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Be sure to have a lovely day couple of days. Till next time BE INSPIRED…..BE YOU!


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