“Hi I’m Jordan and I’m addicted to the Christmas holiday season.”

My obsession begun when I was six years old and my aunty got me the HOME ALONE series VHS tapes. Since then I start preparing for Christmas from right after my birthday in August, I kid you not.

These are the significant times in a year for me;

January to March is the new-year-new-me phase, April is easter, May my mum’s birthday month, June to August mentally preparing and then celebrating my birthday,  September to December is Christmas season. Yes, I’m those people who start playing Christmas songs by the end of September the latest, putting up Christmas decorations by mid-October and attending every Christmas themed event I can throughout November and December. There just seems to be a sense of peace, serenity and acceptance during this holiday season and what’s not to love about that.

The best part about this season is definitely the feeling of togetherness. Friends and families come together to celebrate and it goes without saying that this always involves food and drinks. Now this brings me to the focus of this post, holiday table settings.

One of my clients is hosting three dinners during the holidays and wants to have very unique and impressive table settings but unfortunately, she doesn’t care about all the effort that comes with it. She would rather do what she does best, make the food, and leave the decor to the experts. And that is where I come in.

Something a lot of you may not know is that I also do table setting decor for private dinners/lunches. Food presentation is just as essential to the success of a dish as its taste and flavour and I personally believe that the presentation goes beyond how the food is laid on the plate but also how the table is set.

My client gave me full creative freedom with the three looks but only had a couple of things that were important to her:

  1. She has a wood table that she loves and insists that it has to be in full view. So absolutely no table cloths!
  2. The food shall be served to the guests as they are seated so no serving bowls at the table, and if any just one at most. She wanted it to feel like they’ve come to dine at a restaurant. So I should concentrate more on decorative centrepieces at the centre of the table.
  3. She only wants that restaurant feeling when it comes to how the food is served but not how the tables are set and would therefore prefer a more casual take on how the silverware is arranged.
  4. The three looks should be very different from each other.

Armed with that information here are the three table setting sample looks I prepared for her to approve before the dinner parties coming up next week. I used four place settings because I was working with a smaller table and as my clients table shall be bigger their numbers shall be adjusted to fit the number of guests.

I’ll let the images do most the talking and let you judge for yourselves whether each setting perfectly depicted the desired theme I was going for. Have a look and tell me what you think:


Nothing screams Africa more than prints, nature and beadwork. I therefore used these three as the basis for my decor and decided to think out of the box in how they can be used to create a simple yet outstanding setting. The client loved it and actually intends to use this particular setting when hosting her friends from abroad. In her own words

“its the perfect setting to show off the beauty that is our continent”.

Here’s a look at where I sourced all the items:


Black and white is the epitome of class. I think by now you all know that monochrome is my favourite colour scheme and having worked with the client on her home I knew that this also perfectly describes her style. I was right, and she loves it so much she wants me to get her her own set of each and every single item I used because she wants to use them throughout the year.

Here’s a look at where I sourced all the items:


I know my client is an avid reader and encourages all those around her to switch off their TVs and pick up a book. One of the reasons we bonded so well when I was working on her home was the fact that we both read a lot and would occasionally swap books. I therefore came up with a genius idea, if I may say so myself, of creating a book themed setting. As you will see there are classic books for each guest that are not only used as decor but will be a gift for each one of them whereas the centrepiece will have a collection of her favourite books, a perfect conversation starter for any dinner party. She went completely nuts when I showed her this setting and decided to hold an additional dinner party so that she can use this setting twice.

Here’s a look at where I sourced all the items:

I’d love to know what you think of the three concepts. Do you love them all or do you have only one favourite? Although the monochromatic look is more my style I don’t have a favourite as I think they all work perfectly with the different moods one would love to achieve. Remember that unlike dealing with the decor of a whole space table settings can be versatile and can be changed up every day if one wanted, especially during the holiday season. So I encourage you to bring out the spirit of joy and togetherness by outdoing yourselves with your table settings this season and if you need any help you know where to find me, the COMMENT SECTION BELOW or one of my social media channels.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE BELOW and most importantly have a very Merry Christmas! Till next time  Be inspired….Be you!


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