Happy New year (I told you on my last post that you’d have to get used to me wishing you a happy new year till mid-February). Is it just me, or this year is flying by so fast? We’re already 30 days in. Next thing you know you’ll be walking into a store and they’re playing Christmas songs.

Now as I promised in my last post RECAP OF MY 2017 TOP 15 DECOR ITEMS I’ll be looking at design styles that I believe we should have left behind in 2017. Seeing that one of my resolutions (yes, Im a resolution kind of girl) is to be more positive, thats why I had more to say about what I liked about design last year and only 5 negative things that we should leave behind. Other than my being Ms.Positive I believe that what matters most when it comes to interior design and decor is to show your own personality and make the space a representation of who you are so I would be a hypocrite if I gave you rules. Come to think of it I guess I should have titled this post DESIGN STYLES I’M SICK OF BUT YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND DO THEM IF THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY AND MAKE YOU FEEL AT HOME.

With that said here are the styles you can choose to leave behind with me in 2018:


Have you ever walked into a room and you’re hit with an overload of the theme they were going for. A bedroom that’s just an ocean short of being an actually beach, or a safari themed living room that’s just missing a baboon lifting a baby lion over a cliff edge as the other wild animals look on from below.

All I ask is that you learn the art of toning it down ladies and gentlemen. Plus just because a theme has certain elements and items doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Remember that you want the space to also be a reflection of you and not a catalogue for that theme. Give it a new flavour by adding in a diverse spice of contrasting and complementary accessories and furniture even if they aren’t considered as part of that theme.

As you can see from the image at the top the theme is too concentrated but the one at the bottom has been perfectly styled to give you a more stylish and homely version of the theme.


Don’t get me wrong I love minimal interiors. Okay thats a lie, love is a strong word, so let’s just say it’s not my style but I do like (like) when it’s done right. What we should have left behind in 2017 is minimal that’s taken too far i.e. when there’s barely anything in the space and it just looks boring and stark. Have you ever walked into a gallery before any art is put up, well, there are some people who try pulling off this bland hall-like look in the name of minimalism.

If you’re into this style because of its clean bright look just know that you can achieve this by still having some colour variance and texture. Remember that one’s goal is to have a welcoming space that speaks to your personality so be sure to add touches of you in it. It is your home after all.

I’m all for the image at the bottom, that is still minimalist, but definitely gives me an idea of who the owners of the space are as compared to the one at the top that looks like auctioneers just came an took everything they own.

I will begin by saying that I understand why most people opt for this because they are usually seem cheaper and reduce the hustle of having to match items when styling a space.

But just because I understand does not mean I approve!

Just because I hate cooking (I really honestly do) doesn’t mean its acceptable to eat out everyday because its an easier solution, now does it?

Well the same applies to you going out to buy matching furniture sets. It says nothing about who you and it’s completely boring and dated. Variety is the spice of life so kindly avoid having your sofa in the same style as your single seaters or having your bedside tables with the exact same  look as your bed and cabinet.

No! No! No!

If you feel that a cohesive look is important you can have items with SIMILAR style and different finishes that still complement each other. Take a look at what I mean:

You see how the bedroom at the bottom looks a lot more stylish and personalized than the one at the top that I’m sure looks exactly like it did in the showroom and could belong to anyone on God’s green earth.


When I say outdoor furniture what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yup, the reigning queen of the outdoor, wicker! But even a queen’s term has to come to an end at some point. Okay maybe we shouldn’t fully get rid of wicker furniture because it is a brilliant outdoor option but why not consider going the outdoor rope furniture way once in a while, guys.

I’ve been in love with rope furniture since I was in Dubai in 2016 and got a set for a client (yes I know I’ve just “discriminated” against matching sets but let the record show that I broke up the set and placed the 3 seater in the upstairs balcony and the two 1 seaters on the terrace).

I have searched every corner of Nairobi for polyester rope style outdoor furniture but I’ve unfortunately been unsuccessful. If any of you have seen them anywhere please leave a comment and tell us about it and if there isn’t any can we all head on over to our favourite outdoor furniture company and demand that they start selling them ASAP!


This is more about starting a trend rather than ending one. I won’t delve so much into this one because I’ve touched on both of them in previous posts telling you exactly why it’s a big mistake to ignore them and how to go about styling them. Check out how to style your kitchen in the #ASKTID SESSION 5 RECAP: REVAMPING A KITCHEN YOU CAN’T RENOVATE post and my advice on how to bring life to your bathroom is in point 7 of my last post RECAP OF MY 2017 TOP 15 DECOR ITEMS.

There you have it, the design styles I’m sick of but if they make you happy and make you feel at home then you can go ahead and do them, tips. What’s your take on all five of them? Are there those that you completely disagree with me about and you’ll definitely stick with them or do you agree with me fully and think we should say goodbye to them completely?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on my new post. Here’s a hint, seeing that I’ve been looking back at 2017 I think its time to look forward into the bright future that is 2018.

Till then Be Inspired…Be you!


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