Have I ever told you guys how my journey into interior design and decor begun? Well, its actually a very random story to say the least.

I’d always wanted to be a civil engineer so all the subjects I took in school were geared in that direction. Art, on the other hand, was mostly a hobby as I usually sketched portraits and dress designs when I was bored. So fast forward to when I was in SAINT MARY’S doing I.B. and as expected I was taking the science and math classes that would take me to that ‘glorious job’ as a civil engineer. On one of those days when I didn’t have a class my friend Yvonne asked me to escort her to her design class. So I did. Long story short, the teacher thought I wanted to join the class and I obliged her fantasies and stayed. At the end of the class I knew without a doubt that design was my destiny. I went home, told my mum and 2 weeks later I changed my subjects to those that would lead me to the designer I am today.

I’ve always been forever grateful to Yvonne for being some form of catalyst to that change. Unfortunately as life would have it we lost touch for many years, but a couple of  weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was still creating beautiful artwork through her company SPOKEN ART. The unique thing about it is her pieces are inspired by poems her business partner writes.


Spoken4art is made up of two people, what’s the story there?

My partner’s always had a hidden love for poetry and was able to easily translate my artwork into poetry and vice versa. We therefore found a unique way of combining the two to express our unique experiences.  We chose the name because it represents all those things that you would want to say but are better expressed through your art. 
What inspires the two of you?
I’m an abstract painter, I know some people think that this is an easy thing to do, but I take time to do my paintings. I build a world through my art that invites the audience to experience it in their own way regardless of the title and poem attached to it. My techniques have been different, but the most fun technique has been FLUID PAINTING, it lets me move around and create that world. 
Can one get custom pieces or is it a case of what you see is what you get?

No, not at all. I also enjoy doing commissioned pieces and I always welcome this because it lets me explore the client. I am also introducing a subscription offer that would be at a lower rate than buying a one off piece. This would be for office spaces and restaurants.

 That’s good to hear but now to the most obvious question. What are your price ranges and will we need a loan to be able to afford them?
My pieces range between Ksh. 29,000 – Ksh. 50,000. You would break the bank a little bit, but the investment is worth it.
And I completely agree. Have a look at the mood boards I’ve created inspired by her pieces that were inspired by his poetry. This inspiration is apparently contagious so I hope it rubs off on you.


You can relive memories but never will you go back in time
We have moments that make time pause
I live for this
Those moments that I will hold on like time stood still……….

To contrast the abstract organic nature of the painting I decided to incorporate pieces with geometric designs from the chairs to the side tables. This enables the painting to stand out but allows you to be brave enough to go bold in the space.


I hold myself back because they don’t understand me
I have my simple and clear ways of thinking
But they expect me to walk their paths
They expect me to do the things they want me to do…..

I wanted to create a 1950’s inspired interior with a lot of clean and straight lines. If you know me by now you’ll already have guessed why. Contrast contrast contrast. Trust me on this more than anything else. If you want to enable something to stand out you have to contrast it so that it stands out. If you want a rough surface to stand out you have to surround it with smooth ones. In this case to enable the organic nature of the piece I decided to contrast it with straight clean lines.


We all walk that journey that seems to have no end,
I have had my share of diversions,
I think I finally found my path,
It leads to streams of love……..

As my favourite piece I loved it so much I wanted not just one or two. Seeing that there are two of the pieces they will stand out regardless so I din’t feel it right to contrast it and decided to create harmony by picking items and elements that blends in well with it.


People come people go
I look at you and I see beauty
At what I was and what I am
I see you and there is an aspect that the future is bright…..

These pieces should be marginalized onl in the homes. More often than not offices are meant to be clean and sleek and simple and a little boring. Sprucing it up with this SPOKEN4ART piece retains the professionalism but adds that extra needed oomph to give personality to the space.

To read the full poems head on over to www.spoken4art.worpress.com and be sure to check out their other breathtaking pieces on their facebook and instagram pages.

I’d love to know what your opinion is not only on the painting and their source of inspiration but also in the ways I chose to style them. To do so all you have to do is leave a comment below and we can get a conversation going. Oh, and before I forget thanks to all my subscribers and if you want to ensure that, like them, you don’t miss out on any posts then be sure to SUBSCRIBE before.

Until next time… BE INSPIRED……BE YOU!


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Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

 Jordan Awori The Interior Decorator