Happy belated Mother’s day. A couple of people have mentioned to me that they’ve missed reading my AFRICAN DESIGN DIARY posts (like this one and this one) so in the spirit of Mothers day I shall dedicate this #ADD post to my mother land, Kenya, and highlight the textile and pottery company, KENYA WEAVERBIRD LTD.

Their CEO and Creative director, Jacqueline Resley, came to Kenya from London by actually hitchhiking via Spain, Egypt, Morocco and points in between. My hero right there!


So she gets here and falls in love with our diversity (who can blame her?) which piqued her interest so much that she decided to settle and pursue her dream of starting the company. Kenya Weaverbird deals in a wide array of beautiful hand-woven textiles, home decor and pottery which are usually monochromatic (black, white and grey) allowing them to fit any home’s theme and style.

All your home furnishing needs, custom designed to create a total look that is timeless. Kenya weaverbird is for people who are not followers but leaders. People who don’t buy label but buy because they want good quality and great design. If you are one of those people then we are sure you will love our things.


Before we delve into their beautiful pieces here’s another cool fact about Jacqueline. Her former husband was the lead architect that designed, arguably, one of Africa’s premiere landmark — the Kenyatta International Conference Centre — I guess its safe to say creativity was a big part of their relationship.

Have a look at what I mean:


Wool hand appliqued cushions and bolsters with a mud cloth bed panel thrown over a hand woven wool bedspread. Safari chair in applique zebra stripe design sitting on a hand woven carpet.






I’m a monochrome freak so all their pieces are exactly my cup of tea. But do remember that even if you’re not, their neutral colour can work in any theme as long as they are used as accents.

Be sure to leave a comment below because I’d love to know what you think. What scheme do you have in your home and do you feel like these monochrome pieces would work? Do you love the look and don’t know how to incorporate it into your scheme? Just reach out to me via comment below and I will definitely help you out. Don’t forget that for you who hasn’t subscribed yet all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE below and you’ll be privileged to know first hand when a new post comes up.

Till next time…BE INSPIRED…BE YOU!


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