So guess what?

No seriously, you have to guess?

Okay, I’ll give you three clues.

  1. It has something to do with a summit
  2. The summit has something to do with my passion and my livelihood.
  3. I have something to do with the summit

DING….DING….DING….you got it!!!

I, the one and only Jordan Awori, is a speaker at THE PAN-AFRICA INTERIOR DESIGN VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2018.

What will I be speaking about, you may ask? Well, I have more clues for you (I’m just joking!!)

I am excited to announce that I will be part of a panel speaking on THE MAGIC OF SOURCING, together with the amazing NANA SPIO GARBRAH (Creative Director Blueprint Africa from Tunis) and CHRISSA AMUAH (the creative director of Africa by Design and  AMWA Designs). So if you want to know all about sourcing for design and decor items in Africa then this talk is just for you.

Not only am I excited about speaking I can’t wait for the conference as a whole because the PAID summit (a completely online conference) will give African and Africa-focused designers a practical guide to the profession of Interior Design and create an active, thriving community of Interior Designers working on the continent. Not only will it have panel discussions like ours, it will also embody a well thought-out range of short lectures, interviews and even virtual studio tours. Now if this doesn’t sound like the summit of all summit’s, I don’t know what does.

Just incase you still aren’t convinced about how awesome it will be, here’s a look at some of the speakers that will grace your screens during the PAID summit.

Awesome, right? And that’s not even all us.

When OSARU ALILE (founder and host of the summit together with LARA LAPE CAMERON-COLE) asked me to be a speaker at an online summit I hadn’t heard about, I have to admit I was initially sceptical until she informed me about why they formed the summit in the first place.

“We wanted to create a platform for all those starting out, already in or just interested in interior design to be able to access all the vital information straight from those already in the field. It was important for us that it is accessible to all so we decided to have it online so everyone from every corner of the world is just a click away from the summit.”

I was sold immediately!

As you can tell from this site I strongly believe that it is mandatory for all us in the world of interior design and decor to share the knowledge we have to those who may benefit from it and listening to Osaru’s passion I knew that this summit, and all those participating in it ,felt the same. So there was no way I wouldn’t be a part of it.

I therefore urge all of you, no matter what role you may play in this community of ours (as a student, recent graduate, practicing interior designer/sttylist or an enthusiast of the field) to enrol for this summit.  Now if you’re sold (sorry!), now that YOU ARE sold, on the value that the 2018PAN-AFRICA INTERIOR DESIGN VIRTUAL SUMMIT will have to you, the only thing I need to do is tell you to click HERE to get all the relevant information on how to REGISTER for it.. Oh, and while you’re at it be sure to follow the @eteriorspaces on instagram to get all the daily updates as we draw closer to the summit of the year!

See you there…but till then be sure Be Inspired…Be you!


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 Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

 Jordan Awori The Interior Decorator