Today, 8th March 2018, is a day that celebrates the most incredible, amazing, marvellous, spectacular (insert every other acronym for amazing here) people… WOMEN. Yup, ladies and gentlemen, it’s international women’s day. So in the spirit of acknowledging us I am dedicating this post to celebrate Kenyan women in my field, interior design and decor, who I admire and respect immensely.
Let the celebrations begin 🎉 🎊

Now enough about me here are the women that inspire me daily not only as women but also as designers.


A couple of years ago I used to write about interior design and decor (of course) for CAROLE MANDI MEDIA for both their True Love (East Africa)​ and Home and Living​ publications. For the latter the editor was the wonderful Irene​, who went from being someone I worked with to someone I now consider to be like a big sister. As I celebrate female interior designers I’m pleased to celebrate you Irene, for you are not only a brilliant writer but an amazing designer and a true inspiration to me.


I dare you to find someone sweeter than Caroline Wangari​! If you don’t believe that opposites attract then you haven’t met the two of us. Where I’m loud and dramatic she’s exceptionally calm and sweet. Having worked in the same design firm for two years and been friends since then I have always been amazed not only at her level of creativity but her ability to work well with anyone (well if she could stand me everyday for two years she can stand anyone 😂)


There are some people who fate just keeps bringing back into your life and that’s definitely the case with Faith Wakoli​ and I. We went to university together, although we didn’t know each other that well because she was a few years ahead of me. Fast forward to three years later and we’re working in the same Design firm sitting side by side for months. Next thing you know we’re picking out designs for her bridesmaid dresses and I’m walking down the aisle as her bridesmaid during her wedding. Working next to her for that long and knowing her for all these years, the one thing I can attest to is what a brilliant designer Faith is. I learned so much from her and I’m truly grateful to have her not only as a friend but also as an inspiration.
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DELINE is the brains, talent, creativity behind the interior design and decor firm @afrikanainteriors 



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A while back when Shirley and I were both employed in different design companies there was a hotel project the companies were working on that led to our first collaboration. To say we got on like a house on fire would be an understatement because what would have taken most people a day to complete we did in a few hours. Shirley is an incredible designer and so easy to work with because she’s always thinking ten steps ahead. I’ve learnt so much from her not only about being a brilliant designer but also an exceptional woman (I’m still working on the latter though ). So it is definitely my honor to celebrate Shirley, director and head designer of DAC AFRICA. 





Gloria is the founder and creative director of FIVETENDECOR COLLECTIONS 




Jackie and I were in the same year in university. As is always the case with life we haven’t really kept in touch much, but we do keep tabs on our progress cheering each other along. The best way I would describe this incredible woman, designer and writer, is that she has always been completely put together. Since I’ve known Jackie she’s always had everything under control and always exuded professionalism even in campus. I remember clearly that when the rest of us were all reeking of post-adolescence she had already morphed into the exceptional lady that she is today. This trait is also quiet evident in her work as her designs and blog are nothing more than perfection. So it is no wonder that I admire her so much and with that said I am proud to celebrate you Jackie. 




Christine is also an alumni of the university of Nairobi, school of art and design, although we didn’t cross paths as I joined after she’d left. So how do I know her, you may ask? Well, I ended up taking over from her at the Design firm I worked for. For the two weeks we spent together as she handed over to me I remember thinking to myself almost daily what an amazing designer she was and this hadn’t changed all these years later. Christine is hands down one of the best designers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She’s creative, attentive to details and an all round vibrant human. With that said it’s quite obvious why I choose to celebrate Christine not only as a designer but as the wonderful woman she is.



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Like some of the women I’m celebrating this week I’ve known WAMBUI, an interior designer at @planninginteriorslimited , since we were in university and like all the women I admire Wambui greatly. There’s no better way to describe her other than she’s a GENIUS. Yes, I stand by those words. She is a design genius with the creativity and drive like I’ve never seen. With that said I am proud to celebrate you, Wambui Kimutai.



So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, NINE women that are my peers in the interior design and decor field.

NINE women that are a true inspiration to me.

NINE women that are doing amazing work out here and proving to the world that when a woman puts her mind to something there is NOTHING she can’t accomplish.

Let the record show that as much as I’ve singled out women in my field, today is a celebration of us all, no matter your profession, age or background. About a month ago we were celebrating valentines day, a day when most women concentrate so much on the love they receive from others, but what I love about today is that it’s all about the love we GIVE TO OURSELVES. So today I urge all women to celebrate everything that makes us so wonderful; our strength, sensitivity, drive, courage, intelligence, empathy, the list goes on and on and on.

So be sure to have yourselves a wonderful international women’s day and till next time be sure to Be Inspired…Be you!


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