On the last episode of ‘the interior decorator’ we had a look at WABI SABI: THE TALE OF IMPERFECTION. In it a kinky haired girl/woman/lady revealed her love for imperfection in spaces. If you haven’t read the post yet then you’re not getting any spoilers here, just click onto the link and it will all be revealed to you.

Okay, enough about the past and onto the present. Today’s post is a restaurant inspiration post inspired by the WABI SABI style. After reading my last post one of my friend’s had the audacity to tell me that this is not a trend that Kenyans could appreciate. Well my friend (you know yourself!) this post shall prove you oh so wrong.

Presenting my favourite restaurant of all time.


Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and cafe in Nairobi Kenya that specializes in out of this world gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Its three locations have kept true to their signature WABI SABI look, so all you naysayers here’s presenting the ultimate proof that Kenyans can and have accepted the WABI SABI trend.

So let me let the pictures do all the talking:

I remember the first time I saw these benches in the Garden city branch. It was love and first sight. I, JORDAN AWORI, had found the one. My only worry was whether they were comfortable. They looked good in their imperfection but did they serve their main purpose as a seat. I was so determined to find out  I changed my plans and had dinner there instead just to find out and surprise, surprise, they were completely comfortable. I kid you not, if you haven’t been there, trust me when I tell you I could take a good siesta on them.

The Lavington branch’s style isn’t as raw and imperfect but it still has touches of  it, case in point the un-plastered wall. But my favourite element is undoubtedly the pop of colour. If you decide to concentrate on them then they are really loud shades but for some reason in the grand scheme of the room they are diluted and work as aesthetic accents.

The dishes are usually always a pleasant surprise because they truly do embody the wabi-sabi feel. They are not  the cliche perfect design were used to. Instead they have quirky edges, with nothing being perfectly circular.

Lighting solutions handled the installation of the lights and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the concept of all the light structured were designed by the owner himself. He did a brilliant job as they tie in perfectly with the rest of the scheme and although they are heavy and dramatic they don’t overpower the rest of the space.

If you have or haven’t visited MAMBO ITALIA before, what do you think of their decor? Has it made you love the WABI SABI feel or are you still more of the prime and proper decor style kind of girl/guy. Be sure to tell me what you think in the comment section below. To ensure you don’t miss any design reviews on restaurants from Kenya and all over the world be sure to SUBSCRIBE below and you’ll get notification straight to your email.

Till next time Be imperfect, Be inspired…Be you!


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