So guess who’s now making videos? Yup…I am!

Worry not I won’t stop blogging but seeing that a lot of you have been requesting for me to get into the wonderful visual world of YOUTUBE, who am I to deny you videos where I flare my arms around (yes, I unapologetically suffer from a very serious case of dramatic hand flaring when I speak) as I shower you with interior design and decor knowledge.

Speaking of decor knowledge, I would like to present you with my first of many videos; THE ART OF MOODBOARDS.  Let the record show that design of every perfect space begins with a moodboard and with that said, in this video I will show you the 5 important elements that all interior decorators incorporate into one.

So get comfortable, and click on the video below, and I will reveal the secrets that will help you turn your house into a home.

For more info on moodboards head on over to my previous post LETS GET MOODY – THE ART OF MOODBOARDS and look out for next week’s video BRINGING YOUR MOODBOARD TO REALITY.

Till then be sure to Be Inspired…Be you!


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 Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

 Jordan Awori The Interior Decorator