Hey guys, so it’s episode 4 and in this educative yet entertaining post I’ll be showing you how to style small spaces.

In my last post, SIGNATURE PIECES FOR SMALL SPACES, I showed you, as the title suggests, 7 signature pieces you can use to style a small space. As it’s not my style to just leave you hanging without practical examples, I’ll use this post to show you how to virtually style a small room for two different people.

The room in question works as their bedroom that they also need to use for other purposes, such as a living room, dressing area or office.


Be sure to check out my part 1 of this styling small spaces series in my last post SIGNATURE PIECES FOR SMALL SPACES (EPISODE 3)

Till the next time be sure to Be Inspired…Be you!


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 Jordan Awori – The Interior Decorator

 Jordan Awori The Interior Decorator