In my last video DOING IT HIS WAY – THE ARTIST IN A KIOSK I had a captivating interview with the Kenyan artist George Onkoba who runs The Art Kiosk, an art gallery that showcases his amazing work in, as the name suggests, a Kiosk. Speaking of his work what we learnt from my previous video is that he uses symbolism in all his pieces and this leads us to this video where, as I’d previously promised, I will not only be looking at how other artists have used symbolism in their work but also how it’s used in interior décor pieces.

And I’ll be doing so with a particular piece of furniture that is so common and mundane that we forget not only how important it is but also how symbolic it has been used in spaces and in art for as long as it has been around. Oh, and I’ll be doing this review taking into consideration various cultures, of course. I am the cultural interior décor expert after all.

Watch the review by clicking this video:

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