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Now I’m currently doing up the decor for a client’s office in Nairobi’s Kilimani area and the most exciting part of the whole project is that I am incorporating my favourite chair of all time; THE TOM DIXON WINGCHAIR.

This chair is drop dead gorgeous. If it were a woman it would be a cross between Audrey Hepburn, Halley Berry, Grace Kelly, Iman, Princess Diana and our very own Lupita Nyong’o. It’s male version would be an amalgamation of George Clooney, Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Trey Songs and Humphrey Bogart. But most of all, if it were a car it would be the 1961-75 Jaguar E-Type.

Take a look at what I mean:

Okay, let me just make my confession now. I, Jordan Awori, have no clue about cars other than they have wheels and gears and they move when I step on the acceleration but I have to say that hands down this car is the most beautiful machine man has ever made. Similarly if you know nothing about furniture you can’t deny that the TOM DIXON WINGCHAIR AND OTTOMAN is pure perfection.

Sleek, classy and mature! This masterpiece is definitely a statement.

The Tom Dixon wingchair is a fusing of the 17th century archetypal wingback with its smaller sibling the 18th century balloon back. The result is a refined hybrid that has been slimmed down to function us an ultra-comfortable chair for any area. It has been tweaked to give an even a dashing silhouette, the ergonomics adjusted for more comfort and the frame has been re-tooled for industrial production. Upholstered with mohair velvet upholstery (available in 15 colors) and legs made of solid oak or copper plated steel this piece is hands down the best piece in the Tom Dixon collection.

As much as this is an accent chair I’ve always felt that it’s best placed in an office rather than the home and meeting my client who feels the same way is definitely a match made in heaven. I’ve always perfectly pictured it in the corner of a CEO’s office where he sits to get always from it all. His/her little slice of heaven in the office.

But in regards to this current project I’m opting to have the Tom Dixon Wingchair as the desk chair. As much as I am 100% sure that it would work aesthetically there are two practical issues I had to confirm before I could guarantee my client that this amazing chair would work.

FUNCTIONAL ISSUE 1 (SEAT HEIGHT): A standard office chair seat height dimensions range from 49-56cm. Luckily the Tom Dixon is at 46cm meaning that although it comes 3cm short it can still work as long as I select a desk that isn’t too high.

FUNCTION ISSUE 2 (ERGONOMIC FOR LONG OFFICE HOURS): Seeing that the chair is built more for lounging and relaxing rather than long hours of working this would be a big issue to ignore. Remember that in design function is always one’s first priority and I wouldn’t want my client to start having back pains, now would I? After bringing up this issue with my client she assured me that due to the nature of her work she has never had to sit at her desk for more than an hour at a time and as she has the same chair in her home she usually prefers to sit on it when working as she finds it perfectly comfortable especially when she places a small cushion at her lower back. This therefore solved my worries and I can CONFIDENTLY design the space with the main anchor being the Tom Dixon wingchair.

Speaking of which here are the three design proposals I prepared for the client. Take a look and tell me what you think:







So, do you have a favourite and if so what do you like about it? Leave me a COMMENT BELOW because I’d love to know. Oh, and if you are as madly in love with this wingchair as I am then I recommend you head on over to NEST to place your order and get it shipped to almost anywhere in the world. Be sure to subscribe below if you liked this post and wouldn’t want to miss out on any future ones especially those that touch on my running projects.

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