The perfect word to describe not only the owner but also his house.

I strongly believe that ones choice of decor reveals their true personality. So if you don’t know who Johnny Depp is, then trust me when I tell you that his LA Penthouse, which he put up on sale, is the perfect representation of who he seems to be.

Situated atop the striking Claude Beelman-designed Eastern Columbia Art Deco building, in the old downtown area of LA, the actor’s 9 bedroom, 14 bathroom, 11,500 square foot property has the quirkiest scheme with the best use of colour I’ve ever seen.

Depp purchased the first penthouse in 2007, soon after the building was converted from a clothing and furniture store into an apartment building. He acquired the other four that make up the rest of the apartments in the wing over the proceeding few years, adding doorways to connect three apartments together — which form the living space — and keeping one penthouse as a guest residence and another as an art and media studio.

It’s like Willy Wonka meets Alice in Wonderland meets the Wizard of Oz with a touch of swag and elegance. With such elements as a mural by Brazilian artist twins OSGEMEOS sprawled on the entire dining room wall (let the record show that the dining room takes up ONE WHOLE penthouse), paintings, photographs and other artsy pieces engulf up space on every single surface and line of vision. From its purple- and blue-hued velvety furniture to its metallic kitchen table set with probably-hand-painted chairs, I’ll have to admit that it took me a while to take it seriously.

The first time I saw images of it I honestly thought it was a fun house that left me wondering whether I would actually live in it. Have a look for yourself and tell me whether we should come together to sell our kidneys, to make enough money to live in it as roommates.

I will be very honest, if a client came to me and asked to have a room with a blue, purple and orange colour scheme I’d be worried that we’d end up with more nursery school and a less chic and stylish space. Well, this kitchen/dining area above proves that with the right balance of each colour you can achieve a dramatic yet stylish atmosphere. The trick is to ensure that each colour plays its own role. The blue is the main colour acting as a backdrop on the walls. The purple is the more dominant accent colour that is featured on the furniture. Whereas the orange acts a as a pop of colour that although is in a small area its intensity stands out creating a feature wall. Think of the colour in this room as characters in a play, as long as each one has a designated role and plays it well the play/room becomes a masterpiece. 

The dining area above is definitely the quirkiest room in the whole house. It stems from the whimsical OSGEMEOS mural and is carried into the rest of the room with industrial ‘school’ dining chairs. If you’re like a friend of mine who doesn’t understand how one could sit on those chairs as they apparently look uncomfortable. Then I completely disagree with you because if you were able to sit on them for close to 8 hours a day for almost 18 years of your school life then having a meal for 2 hours a day is definitely not going to be a problem at all.

Now this is what I call a man cave. I love that although it is grunge with no real order or balance and what would come off as a bland brown palette, the blue and orange pops of colour make it seem softer and more welcoming.

Remember THE BATTLE FOR THE BLACK WALL post I did where I practically preached on the beauty of not only having black walls, but also ceilings and floors. Well even Johnny Depp appreciates this aesthetic. The use of black in this slightly open plan space is that it allowed them to create a nook area by simply using colour to create a completely different mood from the bright kitchen/dining area that is still in plain view.

With an open plan space the trick is to always fuse certain elements that tie the different areas together. In the case above it’s not only the purple in the upholstered furniture but also having the same curtains running from the kitchen to the sitting area. The key word is cohesion. 

Here’s a little trick I want you to always have in mind when you want to have one colour scheme in a space. Use different tones of the same colour to create depth. In the counter area you can see that the main colour here is blue from the walls to the stools but instead of keeping them the same blue the stools were styled in a more vibrant shade to make them stand out in a subtle manner.

Who doesn’t love wallpaper in a bathroom. True to the quirky whimsical theme the dragon themed wallpaper, although a more muted colour palette, is very fun.

A large comfortable sofa is the best focal point of any lounge area. What I love most about this leather couch other than the delicious brown colour is the Chester field style incorporated in a sectional sofa. Imagine sitting there all warm and snuggled up reading a book, watching a movie, having a thrilling conversation or simply staring at the marvelous decor around you.

What I love most about the penthouse decor style is how each space seems to have a different style from grunge to rock n’ roll to this bohemian-esq bedroom all tied together with a whimsical feel brought about by strong colours and patterns.

This kitchen is my dream kitchen. Its bistro meets industrial. It’s classy meets grunge. The steel electronics, brick style back splash, wooden traditional island, numerous grunge ‘imperfect’ frames and the classy fresh style booth are all so different and in theory and shouldn’t necessary work together but hey, this kitchen is proof that they do.

Do you see the play of blue here too. When you’re styling outdoors remember that the outdoors are now part of the decor you’re complementing. So here the sky blue acts as the walls and the teal outdoor chairs work well with it.

So what do y’all think? I love it and would definitely live here. Yes, it took me a while to embrace the quirky but now that I have there’s no looking back. I’m so inspired that I’m preparing a ‘how to style your home’ post with this quirky art decor feel. You don’t have to wait too long as its the next post coming up, CLASSROOM CHIC: A TOUCH OF DEPP’S QUIRKYBe sure to SUBSCRIBE BELOW to be one of the first to get a notification via email.

Till then, don’t forget to Be inspired…Be you!


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